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When I joined Rotary Social Innovation Nov 2018 my business was on a downward spriral but since joining RSI and learning how to work colaboratively by networking and being introduced to new people and sharing tips and learning more about and embracing Social Enterprise I have managed to rebuild my business and secured 5 new contracts from within Rotary Social Innovation
helping bringing innovative business ideas in to real peoples lives
Glen Wicken
Building relationships, fostering connections and joining likeminded people
Over this last year we have met over 100 exciting, passionate people, not just to hand a card to, but to get to know and work alongside within Rotary Social Innovation activities. Building these relationships has enabled us to share business knowledge, understand customer needs better and created business opportunities where we have been able to advise on effective planning, setting measurable objectives and developing monitoring systems that give Social Enterprises the tools to show their Social Profit and promote themselves more effectively.
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