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Welcome to the Unpacking Social Enterprise Toolkit

Short Video of Unpacking Social Enterprise at Stonehenge

This page is to encourage the Rotary family to engage with local Social Enterprises, learn more about them, to support and help market their activities.

Before going any further take a look at this Social Entrepreneurship video and Social Enterprise video which simply explains what this concept of trading in the community is about.

Getting Started

 Your next step is to find one or two Social Entrepreneurs in your local community or area. Meet up with entrepreneurs over a coffee and cake, they are exciting people to have a conversation with and they have so much passion for what they are doing in their community.

Learn about them and tell them with similar passion about Rotary and what it has achieved over 100 years around the World. Get them involved by inviting them to be Associate Members of Rotary, because your Club can help them build their Connections.

If you have an organisation like the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) in the area or the local Voluntary & Community infrastructure group that helps Social Enterprises, do link up with them too.

Over time, once you are connected with about 4 to 5 Social Enterprises, you have built a relationship with them and they have been experiencing what Rotary can offer them, you are ready for the next step.

Organising an Unpacking Social Enterprise event:-

 Invite the Social Entrepreneurs you’ve met to be involved in the Unpacking Social Enterprise Event you are planning. Could they share their story for about 10 minutes with those who book to come.

  • Find a suitable venue – it will need wifi
  • Set a date
  • Advertise the Event to local Rotary Clubs, through the District Website/Newsletter, through Social Media and websites.
  • Set up a booking system through Eventbrite (perhaps put link to website)
  • We can help with templates for advertising your event.


Objectives for Unpacking Social Enterprise Event:-

  • Explaining Social Enterprise for people who would be interested in starting one;
  • Building awareness of how Social Enterprise services can impact sustainable community development;
  • Ensuring that the market place considers the need for diversity, accessibility and inclusion;
  • Build Rotary’s awareness of how the organisation can support, use services and network to help build the market place;
  • Opportunity for mutual support through networking and market place.

See this example Programme for event shown in film

USE programme Stonehenge2019-FINAL

Now Go for It –

 These are really good networking events that promote the Social Enterprises taking part, Social Enterprises in general and with the Rotary’s strong Brand can help support this community Social Profit.

We can help you with an Evaluation Sheet from Owl XL CIC who will help show the Community Impact you’ve made through your event.

As you have already invited your presenters to join Rotary as Associate Members, you will be in a position to set up an alternative meeting linked to your Rotary Club. The Rotary Club of Basingstoke Loddon, did precisely that and now these Associate Members are becoming Rotarians.

Rotarian Chris Flemming says:-

This year Basingstoke Loddon Rotary has started a new section based on flexible and innovative Rotary for busy people. So far the new section has attracted 4 new members and 9 Associate members. The new section had its first successful and positive get-together in May where the group got to know each other, agreed to support two local charities and agreed meet again on 3rd July. The average age of this group is under 50 and made up of people from Social Enterprises……”

Other Things you might do to support Social Enterprise:-


  • Try to use Social Enterprises for all your catering needs at social functions;
  • Help with business mentoring of a Social Enterprise;
  • Join the School for Social Entrepreneurs Buddy Scheme where you help to sponsor a Social Enterprise and help with mentoring;
  • At some of your events have Social Enterprise Pop Up Shops;
  • Encourage the Social Enterprises in you area to join in with the SE Directory we are creating, their Brand and our Rotary Brand working together to help build sustainable communities.

Why not book on an Unpacking Social Enterprise Event that we are running, to see how it works, watch our Calendar for dates. Or contact us and we can guide you through teleconferencing and answering any of your questions.
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