Suzy LamplughOne of our newest members has suggested we help with the campaigns on Personal Safety that the Suzy Lamplugh Trust run nationally. We ask everyone to help spread the messages, as Suzy Lamplugh was an ordinary young woman who enjoyed life, before she went missing.

This is what her Father says:

The first campaign we want you to help with is Stalking from the 16th April, 2018. Rachel Griffin, CEO for the Suzy Lamplugh Trust says “There will hopefully be a lot of media around what our organisation is calling on the police to do in response to stalking, but it is also an opportunity to reach out to victims of stalking (who can be women or men of any age) and let them know that help is out there. We are planning on focussing on a different theme each day of the week and we will mainly be using social media to launch the themes, using our two Twitter feeds: @live_life_safe and @TalkingStalking. So social media will play a big part in the campaign throughout the week. Your help with Social Media will help us enormously with this campaign.”

Stalking Tag

We were successfully involved in helping with the campaign through Social Media however we now need to keep people aware of this serious crime and keep up the awareness to ensure action. Please visit the Stalking page on their website.

Here is a video to tell you more about Stalking, this film was launched in National Stalking Awareness Week in 2015, Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

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