Rotary Social Innovation are committed to developing our activities to help build awareness in our communities about the Social Model of Disability. We aim to encourage positive action in communities to ensure it is put into action.

The Social Model of Disability argues that it is society, not a person’s impairment, that ‘disables’ and restricts people. This is due to the various barriers that exist within society,from physical and organisational barriers to bad attitudes. The Social Model therefore believes that once these barriers are removed, disabled people will be able to have morechoice and control over their lives.

If you need to learn more about the Social Model of Disability we would urge you to attend a Toucan Diversity 2Toucan Diversity course, an award-winning Training Social Enterprise based in Portsmouth, who deliver Disability Equality and awareness training on the following areas: Disability Equality Training, Autism awareness, Visual impairment training and mental health. Their sessions are bespoke and interactive, using a range of activities to generate discussion.

Other ways we are involved in raising awareness or action are:

  • We are committed to working in partnership with others to encourage Good Hearing across communities, we are involved in Let’s Hear in Portsmouth and Hearing Link.

Loop Sign

Portsmouth Disability Forum

  • Anyone who is interested in developing their website to be more inclusive of people with sight impairment, might consult with the Social Enterprise Global Music Visions CIC .


The PAL’s Society don’t talk about ‘the social model’ as it’s too academic for most people. They want to help build greater awareness, to prevent the lack of understanding and acceptance that can lead to exclusion and serious mental health problems, all of which can be prevented. This is demonstrated well in their Blog the ‘Social Model in action’ Minecraft mini-games and social exclusion.

Ready2ShineA Social Enterprise who include some good illustrations of the Medical Model vs the Social Model.

  • We want to encourage people to learn more about disability that is often hidden or still not being taken seriously e.g. ME Foggy Dog.

Our hope is that community organisations will engage with these excellent Social Enterprises, as we work together to build a more inclusive and accessible society for all.

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