In developing Social Innovation it is important to have partners from the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors. As such we value and support our members’ enterprise and operations, reflected in our website. Here you can find a wealth of resource that, we believe, through collaboration with each other will make our communities caring, inclusive and aware of actions needed for them to develop and be sustainable.

What is Social Innovation?

Social innovations are new solutions (products, services, models, markets, processes, etc.) that simultaneously meet a social need more effectively than existing solution. They lead to new or improved capabilities and relationships and better use of assets and resources. In other words, social innovations are both good for society and enhance society’s capacity to act. (European Social Innovation Research)

The five core features, as defined by European Social Innovation, that we think are essential if we are to describe something as a social innovation are:

  • Novelty: Social innovations are new to the field, sector, region, market or user, or to be applied in a new way
  • From ideas to implementation: Social innovation describes the implementation and application as new ideas, rather than just the development of new ideas (invention)
  • Meets a social need: Social innovations are explicitly designed to meet a recognised social need
  • Effectiveness: Social innovations are more effective than existing solutions – they create a measurable improvement in terms of outcomes
  • Enhances society’s capacity to act: Social innovations empower beneficiaries by creating new roles and relationships, developing assets and capabilities and/or better use of assets and resources

For more information about Rotary Social Innovation South East Hampshire please look further at this website and have a look at the partners who are getting involved with us from South East Hampshire.

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