Rotary Social Innovation, working in partnership with

Action Hampshire 2

Action Hampshire and their School for Social Entrepreneurs , help create more awareness of creating social economy by promoting Social Enterprises, their products and services they can offer. Our aim is to champion Social Entrepreneurs to share their services across a wider network, building more consumer understanding of how Social Enterprises help to form sustainable communities.

In so little time we have achieved so much, our Unpacking Social Enterprise Event (see Evaluation Report) in March was very successful, whilst indicating there is still much to do. A consequence of this event is for us to now work with Rotary International Britain & Ireland (RIBI) to help build greater understanding and awareness of Social Enterprise by all Rotarians in these Islands. We will be doing this with pilots with other Rotary Districts to develop a toolkit that can be launched later this year.

Other actions we will be taking in partnership are:

  • to help build a Market Place for Social Enterprises, by helping to advertise their services and encouraging people to Buy Social;
  • to identify Social Enterprises in our communities and help them to be involved in a virtual map of where their services are in communities and linked to their websites;
  • to build a resource bank where prospective Entrepreneurs can find advice/expertise and Social Enterprises can be helped to develop their plans for continuous growth and success;
  • to continue to build awareness by running introductory workshops and good practice workshops that encourages greater learning from each other;
  • to encourage collaboration between Social Enterprises, so that shared resources can help cut costs;
  • to work with others to promote Buy Social across all markets in our society, including Public and Private businesses;
  • to encourage new ideas through the Detroit Soup Events or the Frome Edventure so that Social Enterprise becomes a really important part of building sustainable communities for all concerned.

Rotary International is already helping to build sustainable communities through Social Enterprise linked to Rotary Clubs and in partnership with The Rotary Foundation. Do watch this video which empowers women in their own community to build their own business to alleviate the cycle of chronic poverty.

To learn more about Social Enterprise visit Social Enterprise UK. We are particularly keen to champion the establishment of Social Firms who can encourage more inclusion within our communities. To learn more about Social Firms visit Social Firms UK.

The UK Government are keen to encourage Social Enterprise and have enabled this through Community Interest Companies (CIC) – “The CIC model is designed to provide an effective legal form for enterprises which aim to provide benefit to the community or to trade with a “social purpose,” rather than to make a profit.” To find out more information please visit Community Companies.

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