We want to provide on this page possible support for Social Enterprises and prospective Social Enterprise, for example:

  • What governance structure would you use?
  • Where can you get advice on budget and business planning?
  • How do you ensure you can show your outcomes monitoring and you are achieving? How do you show the impact you are having?
  • What policies, insurances and work practices should you have in place?
  • Who do you go to for support and advice?

The following organisations are all working in partnership with us. It is important you choose the people that you can build a relationship with and offer you the services you need, hopefully our suggestions will be of help in your Social Enterprise development.

Looking for some free advice about your social enterprise?

Through the Human Lending Library social entrepreneurs looking for business advice can ‘borrow’ one of our Experts, for free, to help them solve their challenges and scale fast.

All of the Experts have started or scaled businesses (some of which are household names) that have gone on to become very successful. Take a look here

Action Hampshire 2

Action Hampshire provides excellent support to Social Enterprises through its work with the School for Social Entrepreneurs. SSE Hants Get in touch to sign up for workshops, further advice and lots more resources tohelp you develop your plans.
Even better become a member.

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Miss S Miss S Business Support can help you deal with all those numbers. They believe so much in the ethical business model, building a relationship with their clients, understanding their needs and undertaking the need to give appropriate support and advice as required. From writing grant applications, to your accounting needs and what governance structure. Miss S is a company worth making contact with.

Hopefully in your business planning you have aspirations to grow, so employing people may be an option. Taking on volunteers is another option for expansion, but what Peaspolices and practices do you need in place? Well help is at hand from Peas in a Pod Consulting. Take a look at what’s on offer, they will help you in areas that are complex like HR and professional development training, whilst finding the best solution for you.

Rotary International Britain & Ireland (Rotary GBI) For many years Rotary has been advocating ethical business practice, this could be a very important selling point for your Social Enterprise if built into your core values. Rotary can provide really important help in getting your services known in your local area, helping build awareness of RotaryMB_CMYK-C.epsthe Buy Social campaign. Through the International network Rotary are working to encourage Social Enterprise as part of our humanitarian programme funded by The Rotary Foundation. Rotary maybe able to assist with a local business mentor or explore what you might do in partnership with a local Rotary Club.

Global Music Visions C.I.C. LogoGlobal Music Visions CIC is about developing Music workshops and sessions. As part of their Consultancy they offer advice around accessibility to venues and activities, they also offer suggestions around designing websites, so they are more accessible for people who are visually impaired.

Websitesforyou Group are based in Portsmouth on the South Coast, however that does not restrict us from designing websites for clients around the United Kingdom, our portfolio contains websites that I have designed for clients in Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Bournemouth, Havant, Liss, Petersfield and Waterlooville

Support Street is currently free to use, with no upfront or monthly fees and no transaction fee. Their payment providers Stripe and PayPal do charge a standard processing fee, but this is not influenced by Support Street and they receive no benefit from it.

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