Our social enterprise directory is being developed to connect organisations that want to use their purchasing power to make a difference with the huge range of social enterprises ready to do business with them.

Social enterprises are businesses that trade for social and environmental purposes, reinvesting their profits into their social mission

Using social enterprises as part your supply chain can deliver a range of benefits for your business. It can help you meet your corporate social responsibility objectives, tackling unemployment or supporting people with mental health issues.
It can help you ensure the money you already spend on goods and services stays in your local community,
you have the power to keep the local pound local
and that money can be invested in local services and helps local causes that you and your staff are passionate about.

Our business categories are set out in an alphabetical order
just click on any box to reveal the categories in that section
If you don’t see your preferred choice of category that suits your social enterprise
please contact Trevor Field to suggest your preferred category we are always happy to add new categories


Name: Emma Bailey
Business Name:
Email: emmabennett.teach@gmail.com
Tel No: 07986367165
Website or Facebook Link: http://createandprosperworkshops.co.uk/

Business Description: “You are as unique as a work of art” is our tag line. Providing art and craft workshops for wellbeing is what we do. Everyone from 3yrs to 103+yrs are welcome. People with specific additional needs will be given booking preference. Groups are kept intentionally small at max 8/10 people and 1-1 tuition is also available. A wide range of making techniques and processes available. Please contact to discuss your specific needs for a tailor made package.
Location: Southampton & Hampshire



Name: Andrei Sirbu
Business Name: Readsters
Email: info@readsters.co.uk
Tel No: 07584620944
Website or Facebook https://readsters.co.uk/OPAC/
Business Description: *Readsters AKA “The GYM Membership For The Brain” Is a Company Library Service delivering books to your company door.

*Why physical books ? Because the UK is the biggest printer/consumer of physical books per capita in the world !
( Maybe counter – intuitively for some ) Millenials and younger Generations also Love Physical Print Books !

*As a free employee benefit , employees and their families can order any book for FREE* through the Readsters platform.
*Because Readsters follows sustainable circular economy models, we donate the loaned books to charity or recycle them .
*This way we make a huge positive impact for Companies, Staff & their families , The Wider Society and also the Environment !

If you Really care for your staff and your company’s well-being give us a call
Location: Hampshire

Name: Chris Funnell
Business Name: Co-operative Assistance Network Limited
Email: chris@assist.coop
Tel No: 07771540163
Website : https://www.can.coop
Social Media :
Business Category: Business Support Services
Business Description: Co-operative Assistance Network Limited (CAN) was established in 1989. It is a Co-operative Society and a Social Enterprise. Its mission is to assist the development of Co-operatives and Social Enterprises. CAN provides training, consultancy and business services to Co-operatives, Social Enterprises, Credit Unions, Community Businesses and Social Firms and Research and Policy Advice for organisations engaged in promoting, commissioning, financing same.


Name: Fiona
Business Name: The Pantry Partnership
Email: info@thepantrypartnership.org
Website https://www.thepantrypartnership.org/
Business Description: Food delivery and events

Name: Shelley louise
Business Name: Switch-it Clothing Exchange
Email: clothing.switchit@gmail.com
Tel No: 07555720161
Website or Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/switchitclothingdorset/
Business Description: Provides pop up shops for swapping good quality clothing and for people who are on low incomes as well as providing clothing to those in need
Location: Dorset

Name: Claire Crampton
Business Name: Hart Counselling CIC
Email: Hartcounsellingcic@gmail.com
Tel No: 07743073556
Website : https://www.hartcounsellingcic.org.uk
Business Description: Hart Counselling CIC provides affordable open ended, professional counselling from our comfortable therapy room in Hook, Hampshire. We put people before profits.
Location: Hook, Hampshire

Name: Sasha Biloshisky
Business Name: Funk Format
Business Description: Top Quality Street Dance specialists based in Portsmouth, Hampshire UK Inspiring and funky Since 1999
Tel 07400976284
Email: hello@funkformat.com
Website http://www.funkformat.com/

Name: Cath Watkins
Business Name: FolkActive CIC
Email: cath@folkactive.org.uk
Tel No: 07905724524
Website : http://www.folkactive.org.uk
Social Media : http://www.facebook.com/folkactive/
Business Description: We use traditional music, dance and folk arts to bring people together. We work in education, with communities and for wellbeing.











Name: Graham Parish
Business Name: The Mental Health Initiative
Email: help@tmhi.org.uk
Tel No: 03335771662
Website or Facebook https://www.tmhi.org.uk
Business Description: The Mental Health Initiative is a not for profit Social Enterprise, and helps people suffering from Stress, Anxiety, Anxiety-based depression and all other low level Anxiety related issues.

We provide information, support and understanding by delivering a wide range of services, including delivering training, workshops, counselling, coaching and 1:1 therapy.

The Mental Health Initiative works with individuals, charities, community organisations, businesses of all sizes and sectors and in secondary and further education as well.

Any profits we make are used to provide further support for those with Mental Health issues within the local community.
Location: Hampshire

Name: Clare Kennedy
Business Name: Kennedy St CiC
Email: kennedystreetcic@gmail.com
Tel No: 07775737314
Website or Facebook Link:

Business Description: At the heart of all we do is provide a mental wealth model of care that offers early intervention, self support training and development directly to our clients, encouraging, resilience, recovery & community connection.
We offer workplace training & development which supports our free training offer to marginalised communities.
We build community initiatives that connect communities, embracing and encouraging everyone to help one another to achieve their greatest potential, aiming to increase empathy & understanding of homelessness and the people who experience it; with opportunities for mental wealth Coach training, development, growth & certification being accessible by all members of our community, to offer opportunities for self support, education, employment & entrepreneurialism to grow a self sustainable community and enhance the quality of life for all.

We also Advocate for policy change by 
involving our community of change makers in all that we do,  encouraging them to be part of all our community projects & business ideas, building their self esteem, their self discovery, their self reliance and by encouraging them to have a voice, combined with the experience we have collated around empowering what is STRONG within our communities, NOT what is wrong





Name: Emma Arran
Business Name: Solace Peer Support
Email: emma_arran2@outlook.com
Website http://solacepeersupport.org/
Business Description: Solace Peer Support (CIC) is a community based peer support programme, supporting women with experiences of social marginalisation on their journey through pregnancy, birth and the initial postnatal period. The provision of peer support has the potential to transform the life trajectories of the most marginalised women and their families, from pregnancy onwards.
Location: Boscombe




Name: Claire Crampton
Business Name: Hart Counselling CIC
Email: Hartcounsellingcic@gmail.com
Tel No: 07743073556
Website : https://www.hartcounsellingcic.org.uk
Business Description: Hart Counselling CIC provides affordable open ended, professional counselling from our comfortable therapy room in Hook, Hampshire. We put people before profits.
Location: Hook, Hampshire

Name: Hilda Chehore
Email: hilda@zukswa.com
Tel No: 07443850451
Website : http://www.zukswa.com
Social Media : https://www.facebook.com/ZUKSWA/
Business Description: We support social worker and student social workers from the BME community. However, this service is open to anyone who is a social worker or a student social worker. We also raise awareness on social issues and provide advice and support.

Name: Michael Brown
Business Name: Empower to Cook CIC
Email: info@empowertocook.co.uk
Tel No:
Website : http://www.empowertocook.co.uk
Social Media : https://www.twitter.com/empowertocook/
Business Description: Empower to Cook CIC delivers community and wellbeing cookery classes, helping people learn how to cook affordable meals themselves. We help people think about the environment and food sustainability by using surplus food available in the community


Name: Janice Mason
Business Name: Owl Excel
Email: owlexcel@outlook.com
Tel No: 07799881959
Website : https://owlexcel.com
Social Media : https://www.facebook.com/OwlExcel/
Business Description: Supporting Social & Community Enterprises to build plans with measurable outcomes that can be impact assessed
Location: Portsmouth







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