We have now held a planning meeting and, as well as assisting with projects being undertaken as shown on the rest of this website, here are our priorities:

  • Assist in developing Dementia Friendly Communities to villages and helping this model to become more generic to build stronger and caring communities.
  • Assist and support Alabaré with their 100 Skydivers to commemorate 100 years of the ending of the 1st World War and in particular help our members taking part to raise funds for homeless veterans.
  • Help in the promotion of building sustainable communities by purchasing from Social Enterprise. Raising awareness of Social Enterprise, how they can be started and benefit the community.
  • Promotion of all of our activities.
  • Working with the local councillors on Community/Community in the development of facilities in the Larkhill area.
  • Working with the community of Amesbury to ensure it comes out of recent adverse events, with a growing community awareness and being part of the collaboration plans to move forwards in the future.
  • A Stonehenge Family Day, linked to develop ideas and Social Innovation.
  • Helping to build awareness of the good work Headway does.
  • Twinning with the Rotary Club of Amesbury in the USA.
  • Using Social Media to help build eAwareness of campaigns and other issues that need attention in our local and international communities.
  • Developing a 100 Club to raise funds for The Rotary Foundation.
  • Promoting awareness of our partners and other useful activities which help our communities e.g. Dolphin’s Den.
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