This page is our way to inform our membership, those who might be interested in connecting with us and just interested parties.

Rotary Social Innovation Plan 2020/21

eCampaigns giving Service through awareness raising – we are Rotary for busy people, getting involved with us can be as simple as members helping us by their Social Media activity.

A ‘LIKE’ or ‘Share’ or ‘Retweet’ of something we’ve posted on our Social Media will help us build the awareness that helps people to learn more about Rotary International or a particular cause or issue we are focusing on.  As part of our emphasis on kindness, we also encourage our members to share each other’s posts in support and encouragement of their initiatives and marketing.

We are present on: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, we are always looking for extra help on these Social Media platforms, as well as others.

From time to time we will promote a particular campaign on our website, your help here will be another way in which you can engage with our activities when you have a few minutes.

Dementia Friendly Communitiescurrently we are involved in supporting the work in The Borough of Havant, Fareham & Gosport and Dementia Friendly Hampshire. We would welcome members to get involved, we do encourage everyone to become a Dementia Friend.

Charity Support – we support where we can Charities to raise funds, by helping them directly at their events. We also support The Rotary Foundation, Rotary’s own Charity, we are looking for members to help us run a 100 Club to support the work that is achieved through The Rotary Foundation grants. See also our efforts for Sharing Joy Face Masks as part of the COVID 19 pandemic and help us build a Peace Wall to raise funds for The Rotary Foundation Peace initiatives.


Environmental Issues – we want to encourage personal action around recycling, food waste, up-cycling retired goods, action against using too much plastic. We will engage together in local campaigns which help in these areas and through our eCampaigns help share information. We will also engage in the new environment strategy being developed by District 1110 and work with Rotarians, Rotaractors and family members to make this one of our priorities for 2020/21.

Wellbeingwe are committed to encouraging good wellbeing with our own members, within our communities and throughout the world. We want to encourage more family activities and having fun together through some activities like Board Games, Cage Cricket, Environment projects. We are particularly interested in supporting local Wellbeing initiatives.

Social Enterprise Awareness and Building a Market Placewill remain one of our key focuses. Continuation of our Unpacking Social Enterprise events, plus developing a toolkit so others from different locations can replicate this work. We will continue to encourage buying social and, where we can, we will use Social Enterprises for our own activities. We intend to help promote Social Enterprises who are in our network through our website and our activities.


We want to build on the work we started last year Serving Up Social Change through Food, to highlight how we can use waste food more usefully and how Food can help bring people together to build relationships and community development. Linking this to our involvement in the environment and encouraging suitable partnerships around Food.


We will continue to work with Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland to promote Rotary’s involvement in Social Enterprise across these islands. Expanding this to develop an initiative to help those who have become unemployed through the COVID 19 pandemic to start their own Social Enterprise or Business. We also hope to encourage companies to become Conscious Capitalism organisations and, working with partners, create a conversation and awareness opportunities.

Work with younger people – we hope to continue to develop this through family membership and our newly formed Rotaract as part of our activities in the community. We also would like to encourage involvement in Social Enterprise for young people working through Colleges and the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Perhaps work linked to Creative Arts Innovation and Cooking maybe explored.

Peace, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion – will be key areas to include in all our work and activities in the coming year.

Creative Arts Innovation – using the arts we want to encourage creative thinking and activities that develop our communities wellbeing and creativeness.


Collaboration and Partnership – we will endeavor to link in with more traditional Clubs in areas where we are establishing a membership base. We will continue to expand our membership locally, nationally and internationally. Where possible we will encourage our membership to get involved in the wider Rotary Family.

Through all of our activities, social media and Face2Face meet ups we want our members to enjoy Rotary, give Service in their communities and build friendship with each other and in the wider areas we get involved in. To develop contact between members we will develop bubbles of innovative development and see a suitable platform to enable online connection.


We also would like in the year to form bubbles or teams to help us develop our publicity and marketing, work with The Rotary Foundation and other areas where a team would help encourage better networking. We will encourage more of our members to engage with wider Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland and in the world. This includes The People’s Festival in Portsmouth InterXchange – hosted by Rotary to be held in October 2020, to support Tim Mason in his year as Rotary District Governor, we want our membership to help deliver the programme.


RSI 2020-21 Strategy Action Plan for Rotary Social Innovation to help us deliver the Rotary International Strategy Plan

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