What do we mean by engagement in Rotary Social Innovation? We are Rotary for busy people and therefore have a number of options to ensure you can enjoy what you’ve got involved in, choosing what to do when time permits. We believe in a pick ‘n’ mix approach and everyone can engage in what suits them, however we would encourage you to try the different options out:


  • Social Media – get to know what goes on in Rotary Social Innovation through our eCoffee Lounge on Facebook, only members are in here and posts remain private. We also encourage all our members to help share our activities through their Social Media involvement e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Do take a look at our website eCampaign activities and our public Facebook page.

Lily & Lime LDFace2Face L&L May 2018 - 1

  • Face2Face Meet Ups – These are every 2nd Saturday of each month, 10am – 12pm at Lily & Lime LD Cafe, 3rd Floor of Portsmouth Central Library, Guildhall Square. A chance over drinks and food to meet different members and share ideas. Each month we will combine the meeting with a theme to raise your awareness about your community. By holding it at Lily & Lime we are holding to our principle of supporting a local Social Enterprise.

Some dates for your diaries:

Saturday 8th September – Listen to Hong his experience as a refugee from Vietnam in 1979 and how he has found life in Britain. At Lily & Lime LD as usual.

Saturday 13th October – A wellbeing to celebrate World Mental Health Day.

Further Meetings until December are: Saturday 10th November, Saturday 8th December.

See also around up of dates in our others areas by visiting our News Update


  • LIKE Events – Learning, Ideas, Knowledge, Exchange – if you are running a Social Enterprise, Community Enterprise or Charity, we believe these are an opportunity for you meet others and get some useful information to help you move forward. Plus they are a chance to meet other members and explore opportunities for collaboration and support in your activities.


  • Project Activities – This may be a specific activity you’d like to get involved with or you may wish to help organise it through a Task & Finish Group. All members are welcome, but there is no need to think you need to get involved in everything we organise.
  • Adhock Events or Activities – From time to time we will get involved with Rotary District Events or Rotary International Events, again this will be if you’re interested and have the time.

Never feel guilty that you are not getting involved because time and capacity is preventing you. We are a new way of being involved and engaged in Rotary and we are still all learning how it works. New ideas may happen and things may change, just keep in touch through this website and join in when you can.

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