The Rotary Foundation is Rotary’s own charity, it helps both International and Local projects and we are committed as a Rotary Network in the UK to contribute to our charity that is for helping to build sustainable communities.

91% of the funds go directly to the projects and during the past 100 years, the Rotary Foundation has spent $3 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.

As Rotary Social Innovation we want to encourage your ideas to be built into ACTION, our Rotary Foundation (please visit the website to learn more) may be one way we can help develop these ideas in partnership with our Rotary International Network.


Areas that the Rotary Foundation invests in are shown in this video. In order for us to engage with these funds we must help raise them, build more awareness of this work in our communities and find partners in other areas to help us build a pot of matching funds.

For small projects in our own communities we can apply for District Foundation Funding, these will require us to raise some funds and then apply for a matching grant. Do explore other videos on Youtube that will help you understand more about this marvellous Charity which enables us to be People of Action.

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