By joining Rotary Social Innovation South East Hampshire you are joining the globally recognised brand of Rotary International, recognised across the world. Rotary considers its brand important to invest in, promote and be respected for what it offers.

We are a network across the globe of 1.2 million members in over 200 countries. Over 114 years we have developed individuals’ ideas into small, medium and large projects in diverse communities locally and internationally, based on the need. Rotary’s brand has attracted world government collaboration, because they know we are People of Action that get the job done in partnership with others.

So what is Rotary

Rotary Social Innovation South East Hampshire is developing Rotary for busy people:

  • enhancing new technologies,
  • continuing to encourage new and good ideas,
  • building collaboration and partnerships,
  • working to an ethical ethos,

so that together we can build sustainable solutions to identified needs.

We are a network called Rotary

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