April 2019 News Update

South Wiltshire builds awareness and eats chocolate eggs


Writing this at Eastertide, it was great to be involved in our Family & Community event at Larkshill in Wiltshire organised by our South Wiltshire team. Thirty One families took part in our Easter Egg Bunny Hunt and really enjoyed the morning.

Just before Easter they were involved in helping the Pantry Partnership set up their new Café in the Park and then they were working with District 1200 to build more awareness about Social Enterprise.


A very successful Unpacking Social Enterprise at Stonehenge where 35 participants gathered at this World Heritage site to learn more about Social Enterprise and how we can support and encourage this work as we build modern and sustainable communities. You will soon be able to see more about this event on our website, it will also feature in a Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland (RGBI) film to be released shortly.

The South Wiltshire group have lots more planned as they move forwards, including supporting a special event in the Steeple Langford Lakes during Dementia Action Week, help with the Amesbury Carnival, support Quench with Soup Events and a family Board Game Event. Their next Face2Face Meet Up is on Tuesday 14th May 7.30-9.00pm in Amesbury.

South West Hampshire continues to build membership

 Our second meeting of our South West Hampshire network met for its second Face2Face Meet Up at the Board in the City Café and even more people came to explore what they can do together in collaboration. It was really good to hear how organisations like Communicare, the Southampton Mental Health Alliance, So Make It, We Make Southampton, work across Southampton and to hear the moving story of being a refugee in this country and the aspirations for building more inclusive communities in the UK.

We were also pleased to support our partner Rotary Club of Southampton Magna at the Haskins Garden Event. Great to see some of our Social Enterprises included in the stallholders at this flowering social event.

Their next Face2Face Meet Up is on Saturday 27th April at 10-12am at the Café in St.James Park SO15 5 SSD.

East Hampshire spreading the word

 Initial collaboration work in East Hampshire saw us at a community event at the Forest Community Centre telling people about Bordon & Whitehill becoming a Dementia Friendly Community and more about Rotary. Our hope it to run an Unpacking Social Enterprise Event in partnership with others in the future.

Across South East Hampshire we continue to build our network and actions

 Dementia Friendly Hampshire is developing really well and the Networking Group is planning to be very active during Dementia Action Week 20th to 26th May. We are also involved in planning a conference in September. What is fantastic about this action is that it shows the power of collaboration with lots of different organisations who want to enable change.

We continue to assist where we can in the Portsmouth DAA (Dementia Action Alliance), helping to explore how we can get Chemists more involved. We’ve also continued to pursue our involvement with the Patient Experience group of the Queen Alexandra Hospital, hopefully our Let’s Hear in the QA will be something that gets going in 2019. We hope members can help the Fareham & Gosport Dementia Friendly Network Group with their aspirations.

It was great to be of assistance to the Rotary Club of Basingstoke Loddon with their Unpacking Social Enterprise, which attracted a lot of younger people from the local colleges. One of the stars of this event was Cage Cricket, which we are continuing to assist in promoting to communities, about the wide attributes it can offer from teaching maths, to intergenerational work, to relationship building and just being able to play a game in a confined space.

We are looking forward to a demonstration of Cage Cricket in Portsmouth where it was invented on Thursday 23rd May at Highbury College.

At our last Face2Face Meet Up at Lily & Lime Café, it was great to hear about the work of Caritas from the RC Diocese of Portsmouth and what they are hoping to achieve with Refugees, thanks to Rachel Goodall who put us in touch. Our next Face2Face is on Saturday 11th May at Lily & Lime Café, 3rd Floor Central Library, Guildhall Square at 10-12am.

Coming Up over the coming weeks, months and years

 Over the past month Tim has been preparing to become the Rotary District 1110 Governor in 20/21. It has been decided to hold his District Conference in Portsmouth, to be called The People’s Festival of Portsmouth hosted by Rotary, at Portsmouth University. Saturday will concentrate on building a sustainable Rotary for the future and connecting with communities to develop collaboration work, it is hoped we can involve some of our members in the breakout workshops on Saturday afternoon. Tim is hoping to have an evening event involving Food and how this can help communities connect whilst taking action. Sunday in the Guildhall Square we are hoping to put on an exciting outdoor celebration of community life, including food, music and entertainment, showcasing community action including Social Enterprises and Charities. All to be held over the weekend of 10th and 11th October 2020.

During April President Elect Joanne has been helping the District with their Rotary Clubs’ President Elect Preparation with presentations on building a more inclusive Rotary. As part of her preparations she has been meeting with President Janice too, they have an idea to introduce around different coloured bubbles and how this will help better connecting within Rotary Social Innovation, more about this to come soon.

Please remember our new Website page where you can advertise your events  and our Social Enterprise Directory , please spread the word to others.

Finally please help us promote our next event around how Food can help with Social Action. https://tockify.com/rsievents/detail/15/1557388800000

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