June 2020 News Update

We are very excited that in the new Rotary Year commencing 1st July 2020 we are about to launch our Rotaract Social Innovation Network which will open our membership to Rotaractors. Rotaract_PMS-C

Ciara Hamill and Seanna Hamill will be the joint Presidents and Emily Wentworth will be the Secretary, Rotarian Camillus has agreed to be our Rotary Adviser. It is great that other Rotarians and members are spreading the word. Please help promote this new initiative through our website link Rotaract Social Innovation 

We are also really pleased that our partner Rotary Club of Southampton Magna, through James Lapage who is a former Rotaractor, is helping and District 1110 Rotaract Lead 20/21 Luke Addison, a Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Winchester, will be giving support too.

Unpacking Social Enterprise – goes on Online

Our commitment to support and raise awareness of Social Enterprises is still a major priority and so we have plans in COVID 19 to continue to do this through our popular Unpacking Social Enterprise Events via Zoom. Please help promote the first one in partnership with Action Hampshire in Winchester on the 30th June at 2.00pm by sharing the Eventbrite post and also use this to book your place Eventbrite


We are planning to hold our next one at the end of July in the West Midlands in partnership with a local group Witton Lodge CA in Birmingham, which will be promoting Social Enterprises. We have plans to explore holding a more international one so we can learn from other countries, for example Sub Station 33 in Logan, Australia.

The Rotary Foundation

QR CodeAs Tim Mason becomes District Governor in July 2020 he wants to get more Rotarians promoting our own charity, The Rotary Foundation, learn more by clicking the link. In September last year as part of the International Day of Peace we launched an initiative to get people to say ‘What does Peace mean to you?’. We intend to carry this on by building a Peace Wall on our website, asking people to buy a brick for £5 and put their message on the brick. All funds will go to The Rotary Foundation.

With the help of Sharing Joy we are also going to be asking people to have a FaceMask that the woman have made and all donations will go to The Rotary Foundation.

Plans for 20/21 Rotary Year

The new Rotary year commences on 1st July 2020, please see attached RSI 2020-21 Strategy based on the RI strategic_plan_en. With so many members now from the Arts we would like to relaunch some kind of innovation linked to bringing together all this talent. We also want to join in with the new District 1110 Environmental Strategy, more to follow once launched on 27th June, 2020


We have a really wide ranging network within Rotary Social Innovation and we want to help you get to know each other. Rotarian Joanne Lockwood has an idea of how we might to this through bubbles. There is another video conferencing platform called Discord and at our Assembly on Wednesday 24th June, 7.30.pm Joanne will explain more about her ideas around bubbles, show us around the Discord Platform and how this can help in our development.


We hope some of our members will attend the District 1110 InterXchange on Saturday 10th October, where some of our members are guest speakers. As we are no longer able to have the Social Enterprise Pop Up Market it is hoped instead to have a Social interXchange-logoEnterprise Round Table Event to share international ideas and demonstrate Rotary connects the World.



City Catering Southampton.

Rotarian James Lapage from Rotary Club of Southampton Magna was asked by Tim to help with his handover to become District Governor in July 2020. He wanted to help Associate Member Rachel Hall build awareness of her charity and unfortunately events have made that impossible, so please help spread the word.

One of the many casualties of COVID 19 was the District Handover event which was going to be held at the Nuffield Theatre City, which has sadly gone into administration. We were planning to involve some of the Social Enterprises and charities in the Southampton, including City Catering who were going to provide the food for the evening. This was an opportunity to them to show case their offering to those present.

This is their story.

City CateringFor 25 years, we have served nutritious meals to Southampton’s youngest and oldest residents, cooking 1.8m school lunches each year, and delivering 32,000 hot dinners a year for the vulnerable and elderly – in their own homes, and at lunch clubs – with care. We also fuel-up business customers with corporate catering right across the city. Covid-19 presents many challenges for our city, and highlights further some that were already in existence. We believe that everyone deserves access to good quality food service with compassion and kindness, and therefore in times of challenge, our Trustee Rob Wall’s word sum it up “Never has our mission and purpose been so needed and demonstrated.”

To continue to do this, we are appealing to the local community to support our Covid-19 Response Fund which will enable us to keep serving and delivering food where it is needed during these times, and prepare for the next phase of support schools and communities when we transition out of the Government’s restrictions. We thank you in advance for any support you or your network can provide.

City Catering Campaign

James says “some of our members have donated their monthly meal money to their appeal as well as the club also supporting this vital work”.

Finally Subscriptions are due on 1st July, 2020 Wow-character

We hope everyone will respond to our Treasurers email. Payment can be £7.00 per month or £21 per quarter or £84 for the year. Remember this still equates to less than a
Cup of Coffee a week!

Take a look at our latest featured member.  This is a chance you too can use to tell everyone your story, a good way for us to get to know you better, share and help promote your business and you can help us to encourage others to connect with us. Read all about Associate Member Donna and her Art-4-the-Heart work.




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