Rotary Social Innovation are privileged to be working with some great enterprises already doing good all over the United Kingdom.
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Name: Clare Kennedy
Business Name: Kennedy St CiC
Tel No: 07775737314
Website or Facebook Link:

Business Description: At the heart of all we do is provide a mental wealth model of care that offers early intervention, self support training and development directly to our clients, encouraging, resilience, recovery & community connection.
We offer workplace training & development which supports our free training offer to marginalised communities.
We build community initiatives that connect communities, embracing and encouraging everyone to help one another to achieve their greatest potential, aiming to increase empathy & understanding of homelessness and the people who experience it; with opportunities for mental wealth Coach training, development, growth & certification being accessible by all members of our community, to offer opportunities for self support, education, employment & entrepreneurialism to grow a self sustainable community and enhance the quality of life for all.

We also Advocate for policy change by 
involving our community of change makers in all that we do,  encouraging them to be part of all our community projects & business ideas, building their self esteem, their self discovery, their self reliance and by encouraging them to have a voice, combined with the experience we have collated around empowering what is STRONG within our communities, NOT what is wrong

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