Plans to change our administration of Rotary Social Innovation to be part of the Rotary Global Hub from the 1st July 2021, this will give us the scope to connect better across the Rotary Network, whilst continuing our activities locally. What is the Rotary Global Hub?

For more information about the Rotary Global Hub please visit our eCoffee Lounge on Facebook.

Once we come out of lockdown we want to get back to our physical meetings 1st Saturday of month at Lily & Lime LD Cafe in Portsmouth Central Library 10 – 12noon and 2nd Saturday of month at Board in the City CIC Southampton 10 – 12noon. Introducing a new online meeting in the Rotary Global Hub on the 3rd Tuesday of month 8.00pm. So it is important we encourage all our Rotarians and Associate Members to join the Rotary Global Hub. We are at hand to help you with this change over too and to attend the first meeting in April.


Our Action to Shout Out about Social Enterprise

We want to encourage all our members to help promote Social Enterprises as we come out of this awful pandemic, using your Social Media please give a shout out for all Social Enterprises as we need to get the momentum and awareness back up to a high level again as we build the new normal. When shall we hold our next Unpacking Social Enterprise?

We are wanting to continue our building awareness of Conscious Capitalism and building partnerships with national Social Enterprise agencies, so we can help build the new normal with a higher purpose as a priority. We also have aspirations to work with partners to develop a similar scheme to Launch Detroit, first initiated by the Rotary Clubs of Detroit, where we can help those who maybe unemployed explore enterprise initiatives as a way forward.

Our Action on the Climate Emergency

We also want to encourage our members to review their personal Carbon Footprints, it is so important we are part of the action in the Climate Emergency – as consumers we have a powerful ability to demand more action on Climate Change, by our personal purchases. Can we encourage a Circular Economy?

We urge all our members to engage with community groups that are working towards more understanding of our personal actions to help with the Climate Change Emergency as well as what communities need to do. For example, we are now involved in Winchester Food Partnership and Havant Climate Alliance, whilst encourage members to help raise awareness through their Social Media.

As we enter March we do so in Fairtrade fortnight, here again we take positive action to buy fairly. See the world you want it to be by joining the Fairtrade Festival

Showtime at Emsworth

Our Dementia Friendly Havant work has continued by keeping people connected until we can get activities going again, especially Cage Cricket in Havant & Waterlooville, once lockdown is ended it will be good to get things moving again. We are really excited that the Emsworth Show is to happen on the August Bank Holiday Monday and there will be a Dementia Friendly area, we are looking for volunteers to help with it.

Rotary Together Talks

These happen every Tuesday fortnight the next one is on Peace on Tuesday 2nd March, but if you look them up You tube there are some great ones about Social Enterprise, Conscious Capitalism and other Social Change matters.

Help us tell your stories

Let us have your news in an article so as we build the new normal together, we can let others know of how our members are coming out of lockdown and willing to build back better.

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