Camillus HeaderWhen we put out a request for one our Rotarians to help with our new Rotaract Social Innovation, Camillus a brilliant entrepreneur was right there wanting to help and with all his experience, we are so pleased he is our Rotaract Adviser.

Camillus Rotaract

As a new Rotarian is like to pass my thanks to Tim Mason for the opportunity to be an advisor for our new Rotaract group. And I’m invigorated by Rotary’s network and potential to bring this vision to fruition.

My tag line on LinkedIn says it all really 

“I like to build or fix broken things-Mainly businesses. If i can help I will If i can’t I’ll tell you I can’t.Lets talk.”




My background – Mainly blue chip over the years in telecoms, marketing, advertising, legal services, financial services.

Camillus & Intenuity

Worked on mergers and acquisitions-BPO-Greenfield start up sites amongst others.

Clients included BT, British Gas, various law firms, RBS, Tyco,Yellow pages, Skype,O2 amongst others.

Lots of change management experience and that’s what gets me excited.

BT & British Gas were going through deregulation when I was drafted in to change an archaic system with “Jobs for the boys” IE : people in positions due to length of service – and not always merit – that couldn’t lead the change that was needed.

Yellow pages was on its knees & it’s business revenue model was 95% print and 5% digital – after 4 years on that contract it was 90% digital and 10% print. Last year they printed the last ever YP and are now 100% digital.

I have worked with start ups and businesses on the brink of greatness and or extinction.

I’ve learned the strength of the adage “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”

I know that sometimes people will never change or adjust even when common sense is presented to them.

Bruce Lee was right – “Be like water – adapt and be flexible” & that’s what I hope I can offer and that the club can deliver.

Camillus Birds Eye ViewFluidity, power and togetherness – harnessing and recognising (Quickly and honestly) ones strengths and limitations allowing for agile movement and real tangible results. No egos, no suspicion, only trust and honest focus.

One thing I’ve always clung on to from my most formative stage of my career.


It’s never let me down and can be applied to a multi national corporation right down to your own child and most importantly yourself. (Think organisational/institutional change)

Mark yourself out of 10 for each part of BSKM.

In a new situation usually B & M are highest – so you’ve got to work on S&K.

In old organisations/situation with engrained behaviours – it’s always tougher as S&K are usually higher (Which can be a very bad thing) B&M is generally lower as people are jaded etc. And so cultural change (Although people will tell you it’s what they need) is VERY rarely what they want.

So as with Yell, BT, British Gas and RBS to an extent change & growth is painful. The only person that likes change is a baby with a wet nappy.

Camillus love of Cars

I’ve worked with pharmaceuticals organised car races across Europe for kids with terminal illnesses and I’ve had failures – most recently my efforts to establish a business focused on Autism Empowerment and employment, a social enterprise close to my heart. One day I’ll reignite that dream. I know the disappointment of being let down & felt the pangs of dealing with people of poor character. But as Martin Luther King put it

“The measure of a person is not seen in times of comfort and security – rather it is seen in times of challenge and adversity!”

That is a powerful truth & in that light we see who people REALLY are.

So in summary – change and growth are difficult and sometimes you just need someone Camillus man of the Peoplethat’s seen the same movie repeated over and over to advise you, to offer guidance. That’s what I hope to bring to the table experience and realism.

Being in many industries has shown me that it’s all principle based –

Successful principle will work as well in a blue chip as it will in a chip van!

Sometimes challenges seem insurmountable – but the best way to eat an elephant is one chunk at a time. 

Keep moving forward and know that others are there to support you if you truly believe and are motivated to succeed.

Social Innovation is the right place to be, as a society and as consumers people are disaffected by company’s without a social mission and CSR Corporate social responsibility is no longer a part time job that Janet from accounts “Took care of”.

Conscious capitalism is the way forward – in truth I don’t think “Social Enterprise” should be a “Business type” it should become business as usual all businesses and organisations should be Social Enterprises!

So let’s work to tear this group down and build a new horizon a better tomorrow …

“If I can help I will. If I can’t – I’ll tell you.”

Camilus & Amanda

Genuinely excited to have Rotarys network to help succeed on this mission !

Rotarian Camillus Hamill

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