We are working towards a city that champions the need for everyone to have Good Hearing, enabling Portsmouth to be proud of being inclusive. A place where people can communicate with each other with ease, which also helps prevent loneliness and isolation. Our aim is to do this through Hearing Link’s initiative Let’s Hear.

Following in the footsteps of other projects elsewhere in the UK, we want to ensure Hearing Loops in public places are:

  • all promoted with well displayed signage
  • staff are aware of them, how they operate, why they are needed
  • they provide the requirements for people wearing hearing aids who use them.

Please watch the video below made by students in Swindon:

We have successfully established a strong Steering Group consisting of partners from Toucan-Diversity, Global Music Visions CIC, Moore Access, See Change Happen, Portsmouth Deaf Association, Portsmouth Disability Forum, Portsmouth Together, Portsmouth CC, Rotary Clubs of Cosham, Southsea Castle and ourselves. All are committed to helping to make Portsmouth a Champion City for Good Hearing.

Loop Sign

Volunteers Wanted

To move the project forward we need volunteers to help form a Rotary Community Corps to help check Hearing Loops across Portsmouth.

Rotary Community Corps (RCC) are looking for volunteers who want to make a difference to their community with a very small time commitment each month. We are asking for you to act literally as our eyes and ears to check on the availability of hearing loops in Portsmouth and to check whether they are working. We want you to also check the signage and how aware staff are aware of the loop, what training they are given on hearing impairment and how they assist customers.

Training will be given on how loops work, where they should be located, what questions to ask staff and how to check them. You will work in pairs checking shops, churches, libraries, stations, doctors surgeries, theatres, public buildings – in fact anywhere there should be a hearing loop.

We are looking for both hearing aid wearers to check loops and people who do not hearing aids to buddy, who would like to help their City make hearing a priority. Can you spare a morning or afternoon a month to improve the quality and understanding of Good Hearing?

Please download Task Description Volunteer Hearing Loop Checker or Volunteer Hearing Loop Checker Buddy

Your Reward

Let's Hear TrainingBe part of a team within Portsmouth City:

  • Help make a difference for those who need Hearing Loops to operate to make their Hearing experience better.
  • Training and volunteer meetings.
  • Help to build greater awareness for everyone to have Good Hearing.
  • Share your ideas with others on what other projects could help.

If you can help please email us at RotarySISEHampshire@btinternet.com and we will send you more information and an application form.

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