At our jointly sponsored (by The Rotary Club of Southampton Magna & Rotary Social Innovation SE Hampshire) Interact Social Innovation Sholing, based at Oasis Academy Sholing, the Interactors are setting up for the new year with their projects, all of which will help them to understand social enterprise and social values:

Collecting bottle tops and creating designs for saleable items to make with them
Thank you to everyone who contributed bottle tops. With flat metal tops the Interactors designed and made some coasters, and with plastic tops they created bins.Sales so far have raised over £80 for them to invest in their other community initiatives.

Junior Technology Competition
Some of the students who have joined Interact previously won the local Rotary Technology Competition, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Using this experience, they organised a similar competition for the local Primary schools in June, for students who were transitioning to Secondary schools in September, with very successful results.

Music International Cultural Exchange
David from Global Music Vision CIC showed the Interactors how he had adapted music production equipment to cater for his sight impairment. Original discussions centred around sharing with a French school ideas of how we could adapt equipment around the school to be accessible by everyone, but the Interactors have had difficulty grasping this sort of concept. Current discussions are now focussing more on the music aspects and how they can share cultural experiences with French students through the medium of music.

Bike maintenance community enterprise
Josh from Monty’s Bike Hub met with some of the Interactors to demonstrate the basics of recycling an old bike and explain who they recycle bikes to sell at affordable costs to local people, using profits to provide community bike safety checks and training. It was agreed that if Rotarians could locate and donate old bikes, Monty’s Bike Hub would train Interactors to recycle them, then any profits gained from selling them would pay for Monty’s Bike Hub to provide free Bike Health Checks to students and staff at Oasis Academy Sholing. If enough is raised Level 3 Road Safety courses could also be provided.

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