We are looking for members who can help us promote information about important community issues through Social Media platforms. Our Rotary Social Innovation isn’t just about doing things in a physical environment, there is so much to do virtually to help raise awareness, build people’s knowledge, share interesting articles that can help people learn, connect with others who have similar ideas and passions. So if you are interested in eAction perhaps this is an option for you.

Initially we want to help build more understanding around the following areas:

  • the Social Model of Disability
  • Good Hearing
  • Social Enterprise and how they can help our communities become more sustainable
  • Healthy Food
  • Environmental issues, in particular recycling
  • Peace and understanding in our community and how this can relate to other parts of the world
  • How the arts can be used to help develop creative thinking and solutions
  • What other countries are doing to create sustainable communities
  • plus you may have other ideas which we would be keen to explore

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Through helping us in using Social Media effectively can you help Inspire others to help bring about change? Can you help ripple out messages that will create our communities to be more caring, creative and innovative in their approach to systemic problems, building together solutions that are sustainable?

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We believe that by using Social Media we can build the necessary awareness to identify needs, engaging people together in ideas for building realistic outcomes.

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