CI-website-graphicIn our first stab at Creative Innovation we developed our Theatre Innovation project, which with initial success developed some interesting work and we met some really exciting, creative people. Hence our new stream of work to draw together innovation through Creative Arts.

Explore ways in which we can use Creative Arts in:

  • building awareness around hidden disabilities and helping to build a more inclusive and understanding community;
  • using the arts to help engage people in basic skills and academic study e.g. Mathematics & Music;
  • engaging people in causes e.g. recycling, exercising mental health;
  • experiencing fun, enjoyment and pleasure;
  • exploring peace in our communities.


We believe there is so much innovation that can be achieved through people being encouraged to be creative, we hope through our Rotary membership to encourage this in our community activities.

The Caged Bird does this very powerfully through her singing and her struggle with suffering from ME.

We want to use the creative arts to help build networks, teams and relationships through:

  • poetry days and workshops;
  • drama walks;
  • sharing ideas and thoughts through collage;
  • exploring history through paintings, pottery and music;CI-website-graphic

The list is endless come and help us use the Creative Arts to change the world.

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