DAA Logo 2We want to encourage all our members to sign up and go on a Dementia Friends Session (they only last up to one hour) and then once you have that awareness you can perhaps help us in some way to help build Dementia Friendly Communities. To find out where your next one is being held visit the Alzheimer’s Dementia Friends website. We will also be organising some sessions ourselves so please keep a look out.

Actions we want your help on:

  • We have agreed to be the coordinating group for Dementia Friendly Communities in the Amesbury Community Area Board, responsible to the Amesbury DAA Steering Group. Our hope is to encourage all the Parishes to become Dementia Friendly following in the steps of the Winterbournes and Durrington.
  • We will continue to work with Remind (part of Solent Mind) and the Portsmouth DAA to help encourage Wards across PO1 to PO6 to become Dementia Friendly.
  • We will continue to work with Dementia Friendly Hampshire to encourage and take action where necessary to continue work that is already strongly underway in some parts, but needs extra effort in others. Where possible working with other Rotary Clubs in that area.
  • We will help build a Dementia Friendly Community in Whitehill and Bordon, starting first to encourage people to build their awareness through Dementia Friends Sessions.
  • We already have some members who are already Dementia Friends Champions, we will encourage others to help run Dementia Friends Sessions so that we are proactively helping to build the awareness.
  • We want to produce a business card for members to leave at restaurants, cafes and other public places encouraging them to become Dementia aware.
  • We want to produce a directory in each of the large communities where we are working of restaurants, cafes and public houses, where carers and people living with dementia can feel they are welcome and understood.

Our small actions can make a world of difference to those living with dementia, their carers, friends and relations. We can also make a tremendous difference in encouraging the communities where we live, work and socialise to become Dementia aware and friendly so that those living with Dementia feel welcome, included and able to continue with life in the best way possible.

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