Collaboration on Blazing

Lots of people keep asking ‘how does Rotary Social Innovation work?’. What a good question, “We are working on it” is our reply. Rotary International has been serving in our communities for over 100 years, our new Rotary Offer wants to see this continue. So building on a brand which is respected in over 200 countries and with a network of over 1.2 million members, we want to help pioneer flexible and innovative Rotary for the 21st Century.

To us collaboration and partnership working is the key to helping to develop Social Innovation, using modern technology, creative ideas, tackling systemic issues with sustainable solutions. It is said by some we have ruffled feathers, well let’s hope so, because by putting forward different ideas, hopefully more creative thinking will emerge. We believe by working in partnership we can do more and by working alongside each other we can build bridges, peace and understanding, whilst tackling the needs of our communities.


In our efforts to forge ahead with Pick ‘n’ Mix Rotary or Dip in when time permits Rotary, we can offer a way forward to helping to build a modern, vibrant and active way forward in Rotary’s future development.

News of our Collaboration moving forwards…


As we continue to explore the setting up of a Satellite Rotary Social Innovation in South Wiltshire we are pleased to now be working in collaboration with Alabaré and would like to support them with their Emporiums and Skydive. We are also excited that we are continuing to help build through this development support for Dementia Action Alliances in South Wiltshire and Social Enterprises like Quench in Salisbury and Co-Cars. We are still looking for people to join our new venture in the South Wiltshire area, so please help us to spread the word, this is about creating a new flexible and innovative Rotary Offer for the 21st Century that has partnership and collaboration as a priority for helping to build sustainable communities.

Race the Dragon

As we develop the satellite in South Wiltshire we are also looking to start a similar venture in the Petersfield area. Here we are having some innovative discussions with Race the Dragon. You could see the steam pouring out as our minds developed ideas that could help bring about the Phoenix rise from the fire and ashes for Rotary in Petersfield and area.

Partnership going forward in Southampton

Interact website header

We have at last submitted our application to charter our interim Interact Club at The Sholing Technology College in partnership with the Rotary Club of Southampton Magna. We are hoping this is how we can develop joint projects with other Rotary Clubs across our District, working collaboratively to bring more resources to the party. This we hope will include a Rotary Club in France as we want our interactors, to work with students on an international project in the future.

Face2Face Meeting – Every 2nd Saturday of Month

Working with Lily & Lime LD (Facebook Link) in Central Library, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth we are now holding regular Face2Face meetings every 2nd Saturday over a cup of coffee between 10.00-12.00, drop in with the family and meet new people, share ideas and learn what we are creating.

ME Foggy Dog 3

Our next Face2Face on the 12th May we are working in partnership with ME Foggy Dog, to help raise awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E). Come along, support and find out more about this illness that many do not understand how it affects 17 million people world-wide.

Dragon Boat Racing to support Toucan Diversity

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Our team is still looking for a few people to help with the rowing and can you support us to build our strength by helping to raise some dough for Toucan Diversity, an award wining Social Enterprise in Portsmouth who build awareness about the Social Model of Disability.

Social Innovation is trailblazing

Collaboration starts with our members, their passions, enterprise and charity engagement, we are proud of the involvement they have in their communities which delivers great Social Action. Our vision is to combine this energy, creativeness and enterprise in partnership and collaboration within our Rotary International network helping to:

      • build new ideas for approaching systemic issues in our communities;
      • encourage business and enterprise built on ethical principles of the four way test;
      • contribute to helping to raise funds for the Rotary Charity The Rotary Foundation;
      • contribute to building caring and sustainable communities through such projects as Let’s Hear in Portsmouth, Dementia Friendly Communities and eCampaigns;
      • challenge Rotary in general to create a way in which new generations can engage and be involved with an offer fit for changing needs in the 21st Century.

Social Innovators will ruffle feathers, will sometimes upset the apple cart, because these actions do people start thinking. It is time to change direction, to build new solutions, to take action. We seek to do all these things in partnership and collaboration, exploring what works and sometimes what doesn’t, having fun, making friends and acquaintances, within a new exciting, vibrant, flexible way of being part of Rotary International.