Building Social Collaboration

As our new Rotary Social Innovation South East Hampshire begins to form and perform, we expect the normal dynamics to take place in the formation of a new group, including maybe some storming. This week we must report the success and continued growth in our new Rotary Offer, with news about our Interim Interact Club, a great day at the Unpacking Social Enterprise, more new people joining us and we are starting to form the satellite of Rotary Social Innovation South Wiltshire.

Interim Social Innovation Interact

We are delighted to announce that the young people in the Interim Interact Club have started to agree Officers for the running of the Club and getting ready to Charter. We are also pleased that the Rotary Club of Southampton Magna have agreed to be partners in the sponsorship of the new Interact Club, they are already involved in TSTC through Rotary Mock Interviews, Youth Speaks and Technology Tournaments.

Table Coasters

Interactors have started recycling bottle tops, making products to sell. These are trendy coasters, quick wins and easy to make.
One of the core group, negotiated a spot in the House Assemblies, where he gave a great clear message of what Interact is and launched a House Challenge to win points by donating their bottle tops.
Rotary Social Innovation South Wiltshire

A few years ago it was very sad to hear the news that the Rotary Club of Amesbury was going to close. Here is a town in Wiltshire which is now rapidly growing, it is also part of the Wiltshire Council Community Area Board of Amesbury covering the parishes of Allington, Amesbury, Tilshead, Orcheston, Shrewton, Wyle, Steeple Langford, Berwick St James. Stapleford, Great Wishford, Durrington, Figheldean, Milston, Bulford, Wilsford cum Lake, Woodford, Durnford, Cholderton, Newton Tony, Idmiston, Winterbourne and Winterbourne Stoke. We are pleased to have started recruiting new associate members in this area and if interested people would like join us please view the website page.

Unwrapping SE flyer jpegUnpacking Social Enterprise – Exploring the Market Place

This went really well, 35 people attended and the programme went to plan and it was great to have Social Enterprises there displaying their work.

We welcomed the chance to induct into Rotary two of our newSteve Bond founder members, here Stephen Bond from the PALS Society was given his Rotary Peace badge and Four Way Test Card by District Governor Mike Sanders. All our speakers at the event were members of Rotary Social Innovation South East Hampshire, we were joined there with people from Rotary, people interested in learning

IMG_1395more about Social Enterprises and Social Enterprises themselves. Below we show some graphs giving some pictorial images of the evaluation. In conclusion to the day we will continue to build links and partnership with Action Hampshire and the School for Social Entrepreneurs as we want to build on this initial day to build awareness. If we are to continue to build sustainability in our communities by Social Innovation, Social Enterprise and Firms will play important parts in these developments. We also believe Rotary International could be a valuable support to this work and we were very pleased to have have Amanda Watkins, General Secretary of Rotary International in Britain and Ireland sharing the information on the day for consideration for future involvement.

Unpacking Social Enterprise Evaluation – Creating a Market Place

SE knowledge graph

SE market place graph We thank all our contributors and attenders to this first stone into the pond to ripple out more awareness of Social Enterprises and helping to build a buyers market in our communities. This work will continue to be one of our major projects for the foreseeable future.

We wish all our readers a Happy Easter and would encourage you to get involved with the Kings Theatre Community Activities that we are working in collaboration with and other community fun events.

The Kings Theatre 2first event is Creative Minds Open Day on Wednesday 4th April

For those living with dementia we have a morning film, tour and tea! Please visit Kings Theatre