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Name: Andrei Sirbu
Business Name: Readsters
Tel No: 07584620944
Website or Facebook
Business Description: *Readsters AKA “The GYM Membership For The Brain” Is a Company Library Service delivering books to your company door.

*Why physical books ? Because the UK is the biggest printer/consumer of physical books per capita in the world !
( Maybe counter – intuitively for some ) Millenials and younger Generations also Love Physical Print Books !

*As a free employee benefit , employees and their families can order any book for FREE* through the Readsters platform.
*Because Readsters follows sustainable circular economy models, we donate the loaned books to charity or recycle them .
*This way we make a huge positive impact for Companies, Staff & their families , The Wider Society and also the Environment !

If you Really care for your staff and your company’s well-being give us a call
Location: Hampshire

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