WW1 Skydive

President Janice says ‘I love flying. Always have a window seat so that I can gaze at the amazing cloud landscape. Never thought I’d actually face the challenge of jumping out of the plane! That’s what Rotary does for you, offers you opportunities you would not normally consider!! Follow me over the next 24 weeks as I prepare for my first ever skydive.’ Follow her updates on Just Giving Page

On 10th November 2018 she will be jumping out of a plane at 10-15,000 feet for the first time, with 100 other people to celebrate 100 years since the end of WW1, in support of Alabare’s vision that no veteran should be homeless.

Now that’s an easy reason to reel off and sounds right grand. But all those that know her know that she doesn’t do sport or anything remotely adventurous. This really is a first. A huge, big first! The real question is, what has she gotten herself into? As part of our Rotary Social Innovation South Wiltshire we are working with the Alabare Christian Care Centres – provides a range of homes and services including supported accommodation, drop-in centres, activities, advice and training services. They support homeless people, Armed Forces Veterans, young people, and adults with a learning disability – helping them to achieve independent fulfilling lives.

We are also pleased that District 1110 Governor Allan Smith will also be undertaking this challenge, we hope that everyone will support this very special way of celebrating and remembering the end of the World War One.

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