1. If you are in England or Wales, contact Street Link. This service helps to connect rough sleepers with local services. streetlink.org.uk
2. Alabaré’s winter emergency accommodation is available
to rough sleepers in Wiltshire between November and March. Beds are available in Salisbury, Trowbridge and Chippenham and can be accessed via Wiltshire Council.
3. One of the most important things you can do is simply stop and talk to someone. Rough sleeping is a lonely and scary experience – a friendly face can make a massive difference.
4. Rough sleepers can get free, hot food, clothes and advice at Alabaré’s Drop in centre, in Salisbury.
Wiltshire Council – (office hours ) 01722 434233 / (out of office hours) 0300 456 0100
Alabaré Place and Drop in Centre Salisbury – 01722 334687
Alabaré Chippenham – 01249 588018
Emergency Duty Service on 08456 070888 Any immediate danger call 999.






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